Castors Materials

Castors are also called caster wheels and are used in a wide range of products. The Castors are designed with connection areas where they are attached to the application of different types. They are also designed with multiple features that include colors, direction of movement, materials and even sizes. Castors are used in a wide range of areas and industries. One of the most easily noticeable areas is medical equipment, supermarket trolleys, office chairs and luggage. Most suitcases in particular have Castors that are very useful for mobility. All supermarket trolleys require the wheels for mobility. Medical equipment requires mobility like the emergency evacuation equipment. Castors therefore provide the mobility needed in various equipment and gadgets thereby delivering great convenience.

    Different Materials used to make Castors


    rubber is one of the most common materials that are used to make Castors. Rubber Castors are very useful in different equipments they are used where the metal Castors is unsuitable. The rubber Castors are also designed in different colors. The choice of rubber Castors should be determined by the application. The rubber Castors can withstand high amount of weight but may be unsuitable for different areas.


    plastic Castors are made from a variety of materials that comprise of nylon, polyurethane, polyolefin among others just like the rubber wheels they are designed in different shapes and sizes but they are very useful in luggage since they are light and less bulky. On the other hand these trolleys may not be used in areas where heavy weight will be applied on the equipment. The use of plastic Castors is common in office seats, small equipments and luggage. Before you order for plastic Castors you should evaluate the use of your equipment to determine the suitability of the Castors.

    Metallic Castors

    Metallic Castors are often found in heavy equipment since they can bear the weight. The metallic Castors also vary not only in size but also the type of the metal used to make these trolleys. Some are made from cash iron while others are made from stainless steel. The use of metallic Castors is mainly in industrial equipment where the load is high. They are also used in medical equipment that has higher loads.

    Mixed Materials Castors

    it is also common to see Castors that are designed with combination of two materials on the Castors. It is possible to see the use of a metallic rim covered by rubber out casing. This type of Castors is used in many applications and is often preferred since it combines both quality of the metal and rubber to yield great results. If you are looking for high quality Castors that come in different sizes and colors, get in touch with us for more details.